Simplified French

Programme(s): French Language Courses
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Alphabets and Counting
1) Letter A, B, C, D, E, F 2) Letters G, H, I, J, K 3) Letters L,M, N, O, P 4) Letters Q, R, S, T, U 5) Letters V, W, X, Y, Z

  • Lsn 5-01 – Letter A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Lsn 5-02 – Letters G, H, I, J, K
  • Lsn 5-03 – Letters L,M, N, O, P
  • Lsn 5-04 – Letters Q, R, S, T, U
  • Lsn 5-05 – Letters V, W, X, Y, Z

Vowels, Consonants and Articles
1) Vowels, A, E, I, O, U, Y 2) Consonants B, C, D, F 3) Consonants G, H, J, K 4) Consonants L, M, N, P, 5) Consonants Q, R, S, T, 6) Consonants V, W, X , Z, 7) ARTICLES

Genders and Pronounciations in French
1) Genders 2) Masculine Gender 3) Feminine Gender

Parts of the Body
1) Head and Its Parts. 2) Expressions with My 3) Expressions with Your 4) Expressions with His or Her 5) Expressions with Our 6) Neck, Hands and Belly 7) Expressions with Show Me 8) Expressions with Wash 9) Expressions with Bend 10) Expressions with Stretch 11) Waist and Legs 12) Expressions with Shake 13) Expressions with Touch 14) Expressions with Look At 15) Expressions with Cover 16) Expressions with Hide 17) Common Adjectives 18) Expressions with Head 19) Expressions with Eyes (Common Adjectives) 20) Expressions with Ears (Common Adjectives) 21) Expressions with Hips 22) Expressions with Buttocks

Days and Months
1) Days of the Week 2) Months of the year January - March 3) Months of the year April - June 4) Months of the year July - September 5) Months of the year October -

Time and Date
1) Time 1am - 6am 2) Time 7am - 11am 3) Time 13pm - 18pm 4) Time 19pm - 23pm 5) Time 12 noon and 12 mid-night 6) Time 30 minutes 7) Time rigorous time 8) Date

Common Greetings
1) Simple Salutations 2) Simple Salutations

1) Clothing 2) Expressions of Iron with Clothing 3) Expressions of He Stole with Clothing 4) Expressions of Dry with Clothing 5) Expressions of Wear your with Clothing 6) Expressions of Mend my with Clothing 7) Wearable items 8) Expressions of Take this with Wearable Items 9) Expressions of Carry the with Wearable Items 10) Domestic Substances 11) Expressions of Add more with Domestic Substances 12) Expressions of Don't waste with Domestic Substances 13) Expressions of Sell the with Domestic Substances 14) Expressions of Who sells the with Domestic Substances

1) Places 2) Expressions of I am coming from with Places 3) Expressions of Far with Places 4) Expressions of Near with Places 5) Expressions of Be careful with the with Office Items

House and Related Items
1) House 2) Expressions of Lovely with House and Household Items 3) Expressions of Large with House and Household Items 4) Expressions of Expensive with House and Household Items 5) Expressions of Modern with House and Household Items 6) Expressions of Clean with House and Household Items 7) House Items 8) Expressions of Big with House Items 9) Expressions of Small with House Items 10) Expressions of Cheap with House Items 11) Expressions of Wide with House Items 12) Common Verbs 13) Expressions of Bring with House Items 14) Expressions of Send with House Items 15) Expressions of Give with House Items 16) Expressions of Destroy with House Items 17) Living Room Items 18) Expressions of Dust with Living Room Items 19) Expressions of Remove with Living Room Items 20) Expressions of Replace with Living Room Items 21) Expressions of Don't Damage with Living Room Items 22) Expressions of Buy with Living Room Items 23) Kitchen Utensils 24) Expressions of Wash the with Kitchen Utensils 25) Expressions of Rinse the with Kitchen Utensils 26) Expressions of lift the with Kitchen Utensils 27) Bathroom Items 28) Expressions of Smelly with Bathroom Utensils